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ADV7614 port D can't detect HDMI signal from Dell laptop?

Question asked by Viking on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by mattp


     When connect the laptop's HDMI output to ADV7614 port A, the TMDS clock is detected, and both CABLE_DET_A_RAW  and TMDS_CLK_A_RAW is high. I tried another HDMI pattern generator(CPHD-3) and connected HDMI output of this pattern generator to port D, and everything's fine, too.

     However, when connecting the laptop's HDMI output to port D, the TMDS_CLK_D_RAW is always low. But CABLE_DET_D_RAW is high, which means the cable is detected when plugging the HDMI cable to port D.

     Is there anything I missed or anything special when using port D of ADV7614?


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