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TMDS clock activity detection circuitry doesn't work when enable ADV7844 ADC and HDMI simultaneous mode

Question asked by Jane on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by GuenterL

Dear experts,

It is said in ADV7844 hardware manual, TMDS clock detection circuitry is active and functional when the ADV7844 runs in simultaneous mode. According to the guidance, my customer enable ADV7844 ADC and HDMI simultaneous mode by configuring Addr 40 (IO), Address 0x01[7] ADC_HDMI_SIMULT_MODE -> 1, then programme ADV7844 to process analog inputs through the CP and SD core. At this time read TMDS Clock detection status TMDS_CLK_X_RAW, but it seems TMDS clock detection circuitry still doesn't work. Would you please give some advise how to detect TMDS input status when ADV7844 is programmed to process analog inputs.

P.S. In my customer actual application, the signal chain is DP port -> TMDS -> ADV7844, there is no +5V at the HDMI input interface.


Many thanks and looking forward your reply.