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Question asked by WChai on Jan 5, 2015



May i know the current limit is the peak current that equal to the max power consumption divide by the VCC (12v supply voltage)?


Questions below need to confirm with you:


  • Itrip = (Max power/Vout) x 1.3? How to calculate the Itrip value if i don't know the Vout value? Any method to know the Itrip value?
  • The Max power divide by Vout is it equal to peak current?
  • Vsense = Rsense X Itrip or Vsense = Rsense X Current(peak)?
  • If I set the power consumption value as in the table below so I can use it to calculate my peak current?
  • How to set the value of Rset2? if i have fixed the value of Rset1(100k) to calculate the value of Vset.
  • Please help to confirm this formula of VISET=2.7V*RSET2/(RSET1+RSET2)? Is this formula correct?

Thank you so much.