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ADV7401: does SDP or CP support 'Gated Clock Mode' or 'Non-Gated Clock Mode'

Question asked by fancyfly on Jan 4, 2015
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Since our downstream IC only support 'Gated Clock Mode' and 'Non-Gated Clock Mode' timings, so we need ADV7401 also support this kind of timings. But according to my understand from the ADV7401 datasheet, neither SDP nor CP can output this kind of synchronization timings. So is my understanding right? Thanks.


Belows are what the 'Gated Clock Mode' and 'Non-Gated Clock Mode' looks like:


1. Gated Clock Mode

Gated Clock.PNG


2. Non-Gated Clock Mode

Non-Gated Clock1.PNG

Non-Gated Clock2.PNG


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