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gentle reboot protocol for adv8003

Question asked by on Jan 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

I used gentle reboot protocol when i change the vim crop.

It was 1080p60 to 1080p60.


VSP_set_PVSP_ENABLE_VIM(0); //step 1

VSP_set_PVSP_LOCK_VOM(1); //step 2

VSP_set_PVSP_ENABLE_FFS(0); //step 3

//step 4


VSP_set_PVSP_VIM_CROP_H_START(crop_x); //0xE832

VSP_set_PVSP_VIM_CROP_V_START(crop_y); //0xE834

VSP_set_PVSP_VIM_CROP_WIDTH(crop_w); //0xE836

VSP_set_PVSP_VIM_CROP_HEIGHT(crop_h); //0xE838


VSP_set_PVSP_ENABLE_FFS(1); //step 5

VSP_set_PVSP_ENABLE_VIM(1); //step 6

VSP_set_PVSP_LOCK_VOM(0); //step 7



When the step 5 had gone,the color bar was normal. Like the picture.


when i enable the vim(step 6),the color bar was oblique. Like the picture.


When the step 7 had gone,the color bar was normal.

Can you tell me the reason?

if i want to scale the input picture gradually from 100% to 10%, how can i do?

In"1080p to 480p(16:9) using ADV8003 scaler",JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal said that "to get the smooth change, it is recommended first to disable the VOM (0xE828 [4] = 0), then to change the Crop settings, then to enable the VOM (0xE828 [4] = 1)". I have tried to set VOM but the color bar also was tilted.