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AD5292 Not Changing Resistance/Wiper Resistance Staying at 50kohms

Question asked by SIM_novice on Dec 31, 2014
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Just like other people I am having trouble changing the wiper resistance. I have read through the other posted discussions related to the same issues I have but did not seem to resolve my problem. I have connected the circuit the same as other people's, VDD,VSS,Vlogic, and GND(both analog and digital) the correct way that the datasheet describes and the SPI signals looked exactly the same on the LogicPort Analyzer as on the datasheet. After sending hex1803 and hex0500 commands, the wiper resistance was still sitting at 50kohms and nothing ever seems to work.


So as of right now, I am just trying to hook up a very simple circuit to test the wiper resistance. Here are my connections:


VDD--- +15V

VSS--- -15V

Vlogic--- floating

Reset--- floating

EXT_Cap--- floating

SCLK -- SCLK (start from low, sample output on falling edge)


SYNC--- low on IDLE

SDO --- floating

RDY--- floating

Terminal A--- floating

Terminal W--- Multimeter

Terminal B---GND


Very simple circuit with only power supply voltages and SPI signals connected. Both the digital and analog GND are shorted together. Terminal A is floating while Terminal W and B are connected to the multimeter to check if the wiper resistance is changing when sending commands. My question is: would this circuit work like this with the other connections floating and simply to test out the wiper resistance? Please let me know if you need any further information from me. Thanks in advance!


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