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ADV7403 Unable to Lock CVBS Video Signal

Question asked by muralipt on Dec 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by GuenterL

Dear Team,


We are using  ADV-7403 Decoder to capture the composite video signal. But we could not able to LOCK the Analog Input Signal [Status Register 1 (Address 0x10) shows value 0x3E indicating LOST LOCK].


Initially we tried to capture the data in BT.656 mode and it showed the Time Out error. After that we captured the data in Gated clock mode. But received video frames are not matching with composite video source (Shows Random Video frames).


ADV7403 is configured to capture CVBS analog signal at AN11 Pin.


Following documents I have attached for your reference.


1. ADV 7403 Register SET

2. Block Diagram

3. Schematics

4. Waveform of the captured video frames.

5. Measured voltage values


Please suggest us, What we have missed out in Hardware or in Software and tell us how to proceed further.


Thanks and Regards,
Murali P T

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