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SPORT is interfaced with an ACM module for transceiving?

Question asked by zilabs on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by zilabs

The frame sync and clock signals generated from ACM block can be routed internally to one of the halves of SPORT1. So, if we choose SPORT1_A as ACM interface (EPSACM=0), then we can also use SPMUX features at SPORT1_B to import CLK and FS.

Up until here, it is clear!

My question is:

There will be 16 ADC-DAC combo ccts in our design.

SPORT1_A will be used in receiving and SPORT1_B will be used in transmitting by using the ACM module.

Is this possible?

And in the document "ADSP-BF60x Blackfin Processor Hardware Reference, Revision 0.5" on page 26-15 it says:

"There are some limitations on use of SPMUX logic when a SPORT is interfaced with an ACM

module of the processor. Refer to the ACM chapter for more details."

But I couldn't find the limitations. Could you explain it or show me where it mentions about the limitations in the document.