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looking to do a few different types of live video feed recording

Question asked by on Oct 28, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2010 by DaveD

hello i'm looking to do a few different types of live video feed recording and am not able to find anything more then the components of what i am looking for.

i was told i want to find myself a video encoder chip so as to use minimal cpu on my computers drive however the more i look at it the more i think theres alot more bits n pieces i want in order to do what i want to do...

i'll give the run down in hopes u guys understand what i'm wanting to do and also in hopes that i can either be pointed in the right direction or told that i best start manufacturing the finished product of what i feel a need for.

i do visuals with in the music industry, basicly video manipulation and projection art work(yes i am a starving artist so i cant afford to throw piles of cash at a logistics problem!) now what i am wanting to be able to do is record the feed i am doing along with the audio from the event without using anymore of my already overly taxed cpu... the other thing i would also like to do is be able to split the output source perhaps but right now the main goal is taking my video feed along with the audio feed and recording it.

i do have a dvdrecorder but i dont like the quality it puts out and i also dont have the ability to go claim it from it's storage locker.


logistics on my end

i run macbook osx10.5 with a dvi-vga out so i can daisy chain my projectors

sometimes i use rca or s video for ease of set up



now i know there should be prebuilt box sets usb powered encoder chips but all i seem to find via google is the component chip sets and seems to be bulk supliers....

i'm beyond totally ok with buyin the chipset and gettin a couple people together to make them all wired up and ready to go but i can't afford to buy 1000 of them just to try one


can anyone in here either help me in locating them or else perhaps give me the run down on if theres codecs established to make ti do what i want if i bought a bunch of chipsets?


i was originally thinkin if i could record screen shots basicly that would wrk but for some reason i think it's best to go out from comp into a encoder chip and out to projectors but will that many extra connections create a degradation of quality and so many other questions....


please help me if u can!!!!