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ADSP21489,the biquad function use the coeffs problem!

Question asked by jett on Dec 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by Mitesh

Hello everyone!

         Thanks for you read! My project use the biquad funtion,and i generate the coeffs using the matlab!

1,I use fdatool, design a filter!


2,exprot the coeffs

In my mind  the [b0, b1, b2] = 0.7133126985410756*[1, 0, -1] , [a0, a1, a2] = [1,  -1.9962346947976051,  0.99625876838666028 ]

and the other also like this!

3,I read the help of the biquad

then i give the[ -0.7133126985410756*,0,0.7133126985410756,0.99625876838666028,-1.9962346947976051] to [B2,B1,B0,A2,A1]]

4,But the result is not right,



so i want anyone could  pointe out the mistakes ,and give me some advise!