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ADV7188 PWRDN Pin Usage

Question asked by antenci on Dec 26, 2014
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I have asked this inside another topic but i think it's better to ask this in a seperate discussion.

I am trying to power down and then up ADV7188 via PWRDN pin.

power down is successfull

power up is successfull

reset after power up looks good.

i see H-V-F signals running.

But configuration over I2C fails after that.

if i don't use pwrdn pin and let the device always work, can reset the device and configure successfully but. if there is a power down-up by pwrdn pin, configuration fails. (recieve NACK)

What should be the PWRDN-RESET-OE sequence and timing from the start-up and when needed while running?

What can be the problem?


Please Help.

Thanks and Best Regards..


Hey Guys, Please Help ! I'm stuck here.



Note: i've seen power up time as 20 ms and applied before reset but nothing changed. Also applied pwrdn and reset together but nothing changed. apllied wait 5 ms- reset for 5 ms- wait 5 ms and then start configuration - but nothing changed. (also i increased these time intervals as well as 100 ms but nothing changed.) By the way, i am monitoring the signals by logic analyzer and all of them looks ok, as i've programming fpga code.



- is there a power-up sequence for 7188? i see this for other products and on their datasheets but on adv7188's daatsheet, nothing is written.

- what should be pwrdn-reset-oe-sda-scl sequence from start up and after runtime power on-off ??


Please Help !.. I'm getting crazy !..