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ADV7180 input signal detection

Question asked by daisu on Dec 25, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2014 by MickOHara

Hello all,


We use ADV7180 at NTSC mode.

Please let me know about video input signal down detection.

  1. Please let me know how to use  Status 1 Function IN_LOCK described in Table 21..

  2. Please let me know how to use Status 1 Function FSC_LOCK described in Table.21.

  3. When ADV7180 is set to 0x0C DEF_VAL_EN = 1
   (Force free-run mode on and outputblue screen), 
    is output STATUSB 1[0] , which is described in  Figure 21. Lock Related Signal Path, is changed ?

  4. We will confirm IN_LOCK at video down detection.
     If there is any good method, please let me know your advice.