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adv7619 4k output is not work

Question asked by edison on Dec 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by GuenterL


      i am using adv7619 with myself demo,when input is 1080p60,the output of adv7619 is ok.

     but when input is 4k,the output is nothing, the pin of LLC is no signal.   

     i have set the reg as follows:   

          IO Map,        Register 0x03 is 0x54;

          DPLL Map, Register 0xC3 is 0x80;

          DPLL Map, Register 0xCF is 0x03;   

          IO Map,       Register 0xDD is 0xA0;

          IO Map,       Register 0xBF is 0x00;


    when 4k input,i have read some register of adv7619 as follows:

          IO Map,        Register 0x6A is 0x53;  

          HDMI Map,  Register 0x04 is 0x23;   

          HDMI Map,  Register 0x51 is 0x94;  

          HDMI Map,  Register 0x52 is 0x77;



     i want to know,why?

     is these other's set is must for 4k input ?