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BF527 and Max1233 - Corrupted Y coordinate

Question asked by MLo on Oct 28, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2010 by MLo


Im having a problem getting the Max1233 driver working together with other drivers also.

I've implemented the Max1233 driver in VDK and it works fine, and from a thread im printing the X,Y coordinates to the console with printf. This works as it should.

But if I implement the BF52xC1 or LCD driver the Y coordinate gets corrupted. Its either 0 or another random number every time it prints to the console. I've checked the value in Blackfin Memory and its the same as printed in the console.

The strange thing is that the problem occurs even if the BF52xC1 or LCD driver never is initialized. The files are only included in the project and I have made a device driver under the kernel tab. But I have uncommented the init function in the dispatch init.


Any idea what the problem could be?