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CCES 1.1.0 "COM1 : Cannot open port COM1" problem

Question asked by Daewoo on Dec 24, 2014
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I installed CCES 1.1.0 with 90-day evaluation license at my Sony brand laptop with MS Windows7-Professional 64bit, to study BF70x EZLite.

When I open and make build a sample project named "Power_On_Self_Test", but I always have an error message like below and does not go through.


**** Build of configuration Debug for project Power_On_Self_Test ****

make all
COM1 : Detecting...

COM1 : Cannot open port COM1

Summary: 0 successes, 1 failure

**** Build Finished ****


I tried above at the other brand laptop (HP brand with MS Windows7 Home 32bit), there works fine.

What is the problem on Sony brand one?  How can I resolve it?