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Anveshan 2014:Problem with PWM in ADuCM360

Question asked by KoushiK_KopS on Dec 24, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2014 by MMA

WdtCfg(T3CON_PRE_DIV1,T3CON_IRQ_EN,T3CON_PD_DIS); // Disable Watchdog timer resets



ClkCfg(CLK_CD0,CLK_HF,CLKSYSDIV_DIV2EN_DIS,CLK_UCLKCG);            // Select CD0 for CPU clock - 16Mhz clock





uiTime0 = PwmTime(PWM0_1,200,150,40); 

I m very new to ADuCM360 microcontroller. I m just a beginner. I want to understand how to generate PWM in this microcontroller. the above code give a period of 3.19ms with  duty cycle of 75%. i want to know how.

I for my project i need a time period of 20ms. How do i change the period.

All if i have to connect a servo to the microcontroller what are the precaution to be taken before interfacing the controller.