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AD9364 RF DC Offset

Question asked by Luferchik on Dec 24, 2014
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I'm using the AD9364 with no-OS drivers in my design.

After I transfered the AD9364 interface on the new Xilinx ISE project and changed the no-OS code, I'm just trying to init the AD9364 using the FMCOMMS4 correctly. I didn't change the initialization parameters or the initialization sequence, just deleted axiadc, axidac, auxadc, auxdac and console functions. Actually, I'm working with the ad9361_setup function.


I have an issue.

When the signal is lower than -63dBm, the ADC Small Overload bit is set and I see that one part of the ADC-data is incorrect. (w_rf_dc_off-67.png)

Whet the signal is higher, the ADC Small Overload bit is clear and all of the components have the equal offset.(w_rf_dc_off-30.png)

But if I bypass the RF DC offset calibration, there are no problems regardless of the signal power.(wo_rf_dc_off_-30.png, wo_rf_dc_off_-67.png)


Can you please tell where I am wrong? What should I pay attention?


Thank you for your attention. I apologize for my English. I hope I can convey my problem to you.