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AD9364 Power Consumption

Question asked by Raveendra on Dec 22, 2014
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i wish to know that, How much current AD9364 consumes @1.3V with below configuration of AD9364.


Tuned RF Frequency : 300 MHz

Bandwidth: 200 KHz

Data Clock: 1 MHz

Rx FIR/Tx FIR: Bypassed.

Mode: FDD, LVDS.

Tx Attenuation : 10 dB (1E)


I designed a custom board and i powered on device by connecting 1.3V voltage from DC Power supply,I configured the chip with above configuration and i observed the current as 980 mA, and after few minutes i observed slight heat when i touched chip. Will it cause any damage with this much of current? Please let me know what could be the reason.