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Writing to EEPROM 24LC16BT from USBi

Question asked by BRO on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2014 by BRO

In short, it's not working. Here are the steps I've taken

Open simple file SS 3.11

Link Compile Download OK. The 1701 passes signal and it appears to work fine.

Right click Hardware 1701 Write Latest Compilation to E2PROM

Set Memory Size to 16383, Page Size to 16 bit. Write Speed 100. Address bytes 2. OK

Write box appears and download seems to go OK.

But when I Check Last Compilation to E2PROM, error box appears. Visually examining code in E2PROM's Read/Write WIndow shows several lines of 00 followed by a lot of FFs.


When do I these steps using the MINIBZ development board, with the same USBi, all is well.


Something must be wrong with the settings for my E2PROM? Any help appreciated.