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LDR creation error in CCES

Question asked by sankar6040 on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by CraigG

When i try to build a project in CCES with Artifact Type as Loader file an error message shown as attached.


When i click close the program the build is finished and console window displays as below:


' '

'Building target: SS4SH_EzKit_SDK1_ROMII_CCES.ldr'

'Invoking: CrossCore SHARC Loader'

elfloader.exe -v -proc ADSP-21487 -si-revision 0.3 -bspimaster -fhex -hostwidth 8 -lC:/Analog\ Devices/CrossCore\ Embedded\ Studio\ 1.1.0/SHARC/ldr/489_spi.dxe -o SS4SH_EzKit_SDK1_ROMII_CCES.ldr  SS4SH_EzKit_SDK1_ROMII_CCES.dxe

make: *** [SS4SH_EzKit_SDK1_ROMII_CCES.ldr] Error -1073741819


**** Build Finished ****