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AD9364 Tx monitor gain settings

Question asked by Olegis on Dec 22, 2014
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I'm trying to understand the correct way to set the Tx monitor path gains. There is an example (table 2) in AD9361_TX_Power_Monitor_v2.1 document, which has Tx Mon Low Gain = 0 (I assume that it corresponds to Gbbf_low=0dB) and Tx Mon High Gain = 18h. From what I understand from this document, this register sets the gain index of the Rx LPF and the gain in dB is equal to the gain index (according to the Rx gain control document). If so, then the Gbbf_high should be 24dB (18h=24d).

Tx Mon gain in register 0x070 is set to 11b, which corresponds to 9.5dB.


Now, the example text below table 2 describes Tx Mon Gain transition between two gain modes -

1. Tx Mon Gain is 0dB and Gbbf is 0dB below the threshold

2.  Tx Mon Gain is 9.5dB and Gbbf is 0dB above the threshold


It seems that there is discrepancy between the example text and the settings in the example table 2.

Can you please clarify this issue ?


Thank you.


Oleg C.