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ADE7878 Evaluation Board - Beginner

Question asked by snvijayaraghavan91 on Dec 22, 2014
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I am a beginner in Analog Devices. I need to make a Data Logger and after having a look at numerous SoC's I decided to zero in on ADE7878 Evaluation Board. I went through the Manual of the Evaluation Board and also through ADE7878 datasheet. I intend to use PIC24 in conjunction with ADE to communicate with LCD, GUI and Android app.

The basic question I have is, will the ADE come along with built-in code? When I say code, I mean will it have the entire code for calculations, calibrations and communication with the controller?

Another question I have is, even though there is a quick start guide at the end of datasheet, can someone give a brief description on how to code ADE7878 as a data logger from scratch?

I know I am being asked to be spoon fed, but I haven't got much time to complete this project and your help will be very much appreciated.


Thanks in Advance.