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ADF7023 Reed Solomon (RS) Firmware Issue

Question asked by gobers on Dec 21, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by rbrennan



I am trying to get the Firmware rom_ram_7023_2_2_RS_AES.dat on a ADF7023 to work. I am facing the following issues:


Config: Packet starting at 0x10, TX and RX on different modules (one only RX, one only TX), RS(28,38), 38400bit/sec


Transmission (encoding)

- A.m. SW Version does not work, the ADF get stuck with commands RS_ENCODE_INIT and RS_ENCODE

- The ADF does actually code something with the old revision (1_2) of the a.m. firmware, that is still available on the web. As said: It does code something, I am of course not sure if it is correct. Further the CMD_FINISHED-Interrupt is not being issued correctly, which can be worked around with about 500us delay after the two encoding commands


Reception/ Decoding, about the same as above, but the other way around:

- OLD (rev 1_2) does not work, receiver gets stuck during RS_DECODE

- Rev2_2-Version does not cause the ADF to stop working, however, seems to do nothing, the read-back-register (0xD6 in packet ram) in not updated, I can not see any real byte-corrections


In General using Packet-Mode and simple CRC the ADF works great, but I am looking for the additional 3dB more link budget.

can someone give helpful hints on this issue?