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Emulator ICE-100B error

Question asked by ANANDSM on Dec 20, 2014
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I am using a customized board based on the BF-538F. I am trying to emulate the using the ICE-100B emulator but I am getting the following error

Error: 0x80048015

Error Description: Open Device Driver failed


I searched through the forum and got some clue to resolve this issue but could not able to succeed.

I performed the "Test" in the configurator and its returning pass (all five tests are pass)

About the device driver installation, I verified the in the device manager and found the drivers are installed as cross core tools->ICE-100B JTAG Emulator. FYI I am using CCES 1.1.0, on Win 7 x64 OS


Please let me know what could be the solution


Thanks in advance

Anand M