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Evaluation Software can not see AD9912A/PCBZ

Question asked by qnliu on Dec 19, 2014
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I am setting up a recently purchased AD9912 board with a windows xp 32 bits system.  The board is recognized by computer from Device Manager after I manually load ADI driver.  There is also red blinking light on the board indicating the talk between 9912 and computer.  Problem is I can not see the board in the Evaluation Software (most recent version 2.0.0 from website).  I tried power cycle both the board and the computer, still with the same problem.  I also tried to refresh the I/O in the Evaluation Software, didn't work either.


The board is also tested on a windows 7 64 bit system.  I got the 32-64 USB EEPROM Programmer installed, loaded the driver and saw the talk between AD9912 and computer (red blinking light on board and ADI board recognition in Device Manager).  Same problem happened.  AD9912 is not seen in the Evaluation Software.


Looks like something funny with the software.  Is there an earlier version of Evaluation Software I can try, or something I missed during the board setup?  Thank you a lot.  I appreciate your thoughts.