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Looking for a proper OPA for driving a symmetrical cable

Question asked by littlelenni on Dec 19, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2014 by ColemanR

Hi there,


I am desperately looking for a proper OPA that can drive about 3 meters of symmetrical, shielded (XLR) cable. My audiocodec outputs a differential signal with a 2.5V offset. This way both outputs of the differential pair are running between 0.875V and 4.125V. I actually would like to transmit this signal as it is and do the symmetric / asymmetric conversion in the receiver.


Ideal would be an amplifier that runs on a single 5V supply and still can handle a signal which is between 0.875V and 4.125V. Could anyone recommend an OPA that would be well suited for this task?


Thank you in advance! I really appreciate any advice!