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FFT Accelerator using Expert_code_generator

Question asked by farad on Oct 28, 2010
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Hi ,


I am using FFT acclerator code generator for generating the  code.It seems the TCBs are automated to chain by themself throughout all the steps.

I have attached the 2048 point FFT accelerator code generated by the Expert code generator.(FIR_IIR_FFT_Init_2048.asm)

How can i know the FFT operation completed.


If i use the FFTDMASTAT register value for test or by using interrupt it seems the ( ODMACHIRPT) Output DMA Channel Interrupt interrupt comes

many times.So what count i have to use to find out the end of DMA(FFT completed).


The other example code(512pointFFT.asm) which is available from the Example codes uses DMA Completed checking in between the steps.

(\installed path\214xx\Examples\ADSP-21469 EZ-Board\512pointFFT)


     VFFT (1 time  DMA completed check)

     Special product(N/128  times DMA completed check)

     HFFT (1 time  DMA completed check)




DMA completed check:

//    DMACompTest: ustat1 = dm(FFTDMASTAT);
//    bit tst ustat1 ODMACHIRPT;
//    if not tf jump DMACompTest;