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NAND Flash on BF561

Question asked by Tommy on Oct 28, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2010 by gvasanth

Hi ADI support,


we would like to connect an additional NAND Flash beside the NOR flash on the ansynchronous memory bank3 from our BF561 design to store data from a file system to the NAND device. The NOR flash will remain for booting on bank0. The NAND flash we would like to use is fromSamsung K9F2G08U0M. I know that there is a NAND flash controller on the BF548 boards. I found an engineering application note EE-344 that is for BF527 and BF548. There is also and engineering note for BF533 EE-302.


As I understand there is also a file system from ADI. Could you give us an example for connecting a NAND Flash e.g. the Samsung K9F2G08U0M to BF561 and use the Analog flash file system. Is there an engineering note available for this application!