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Sigmadsp ADAU1451  S/PDIF receiver  Sample rate(SR#: C14LS00381)

Question asked by solong.zeng on Dec 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by JohnTo

we  want to use  Sigmadsp ADAU1451 , base on the SPEC Rev.Pr0(2011)  the S/PDIF receiver support 192KHz Sample rate,but SPEC Rev.C(2013~14) point out it is only support 96KHz.what happen?why they are difference?

  Can we through some setting to let ADU1451 support S/PDIF receiver 192Khz/24Bit?

  Our design target to support S/Pdif Receiver 192KHz/24Bit . are the Sigmadsp have the type of dps support 192KHz/24Bit S/Pdif Signal Input , around  300MHz(32Bit) working frequency.