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a Vco for my ADF7021-V

Question asked by cedric7777 on Oct 27, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2010 by Vinnie


I am working with the ADF7021-V. I try to make a 140MHz transceiver.

I'm looking for a VCO, but i can't find a good one for this component.


I need a VCO for 276MHz to 310MHz if i don't use the  RF_DIVIDE_BY_2 register. or  552MHz to 620MHz if RF_DIVIDE_BY_2=1.

If I well understand the ADF7021-V can only tune the voltage control between 0.3V and 2V. But all VCO (I found) need at least a voltage tune between 0.5V and 5V.


Is there a way to solve this problem ?