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SPI Communication

Question asked by APlinge on Dec 17, 2014
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We are trying to get a communication from the BF547 to an STM32F205 working. Strangely enough, it only works up to about 5MHz and only in one configuration:


result = adi_spi_SetMaster(hDevice, true);

result = adi_spi_SetHwSlaveSelect(hDevice, false);

result = adi_spi_SetSlaveSelect(hDevice, ADI_SPI_SSEL_ENABLE1);

result = adi_spi_SetWordSize(hDevice, ADI_SPI_TRANSFER_8BIT);

result = adi_spi_SetClock(hDevice, 7);

result = adi_spi_SetClockPolarity(hDevice, false);


Obviously something is wrong. We should be able to do at least 10MHz.


Any help would be much welcome!  Many thanks,