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ADE7880 - What are limitations or restriction when using rogowski coils

Question asked by karens on Dec 17, 2014
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On my devices that uses ADE7880 3-phase metering IC, it works with CT coil and shunt. Now I need to use rogowski coil with the devices. I noticed on the ADE7880 data sheet that there are some differences on the way to handle CT coil vs. rogowski coil. Upon the datasheet, digital integrator must be enabled for rogowski coil. So there are some differences on ADE7880 initialization (data sheet, page 40).


I want to know:

1. Is there any document to discuss about how to setup for rogowski coil?

2. I understand that the digital integrator must be enabled when using rogowski coil, so what should I pay attention to on ADE7880 setup for current / voltage /power / energy measurements? Are there any restrictions or limitations when using rogowski coil?

3. I saw some threads on this discuss group mentioned about 90 degree offset. What is that?           


Thank you very much for the help.