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Question asked by alpele on Dec 17, 2014
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I am trying to design a 8x8 MIMO system by using 4 AD9361. Since I do not have much experience with such devices before, I have started by using Ettus b210. Now, I would like to continue my studies with ZC702 development board and AD9361. My questions are:


1) Do you recommend AD-FMCOMMS3 or AD-FMCOMMS5 to start with? Is AD-FMCOMMS5 too complex for the newbies? The advantage of AD-FMCOMMS5 for me is that I can work on 4x2 MIMO system right away by using ETTUS b210 and AD-FMCOMMS5. 


2) There is not enough FMC connections to connect 4 AD-FMCOMMS3 or 2 AD-FMCOMMS5 on zynq7000 development boards(ZC702 and zc706). Therefore, I am going to do a custom design by using 1 zynq7000 SoC and 4 AD9361. Can I interface them by doing so? Is there enough I/O ports? I made the calculations. There are 68 differential ports on zc702. 16 differential port is needed for 1 AD9361. It seems to be enough for 4 of them. Am I missing a point?