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AD8556 failed output waveform

Question asked by ricky on Dec 16, 2014

Hi All,


My customer has trouble with his board in which he utilizes AD8556 In-Amp.

Load Cell is connected to the input of AD8556 and the output of AD8556 is connected to MCU.

He first found noisy waveform from AD8556 in his board.

Then I suggest that disconnect the load cell and apply DC voltage to the input of AD8556.

Also I suggested disconnecting output from MCU, and disconnecting line from MCU to DIGIN terminal in order for isolating customer’s circuit.

The attached file shows scope shot for the AD8556 input/output/power supplies terminals.

As shown attached scope shot, large spike noise appeared on output and filt/gigout terminal.

He needs to find the cause of the problem in his circuit and fix this failure as soon as possible.

Could you suggest us what would be a cause of failure for AD8556 device?

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