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AD9102 Timing

Question asked by scn_cascodium on Dec 16, 2014
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I am working with the AD9102 evaluation board and trying to understand how the part works. Eventually, the plan is to use the part to output the contents of the RAM a single time when triggered. The delay between the trigger edge and the start of the RAM playback is of particular concern, so I'm trying to understand how to control the timing in the part.


The part seems to be performing differently than I would expect based on the register values I program. I am using a 125 MHz clock, and I've mainly been working with the example 1 gaussian from the get started guide.


Changing the PATTERN_PERIOD, PAT_PERIOD_BASE, START_DELAY_BASE, and HOLD do not yield the results I would expect based on the descriptions in the datasheet. Could I get a more detailed description about the function of each of these registers/values?


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