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ADSP-21469 FIR accelerator

Question asked by AviMagos on Oct 27, 2010
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I'm wondering-  is it possible to manipulate the FIR accelerator in such a way that it can be used for simple matrix multiplication?


In general I need to calculate G=M*Y, where M is a 96X16 complex floating matrix, Y is a 16X1 vector of the same data type. And G is a 96X1 vector.


Since G(n) = sigma(k=1..16)[M(n,k)*Y(k)], calculating it should be similar to a 16 tap filter right? (maybe with 1:16 decimation or something like that)


If this FIR unit manipulationis possible then what are the paramters I need? (window size, num of channels,decimation rate, etc). - I figure it should be window = 1, and channels = 96 but the FIR documentation (in the Hardware reference) is not clear enough...