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Having difficulty in using ADV212 IRQ pin as interrupt in normal host mode

Question asked by sunil@Accord on Dec 16, 2014
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I have few doubts in ADV212 compression/decompression in normal host mode. Currently in our board, I am polling EIRQFLG ( bit 1 ) for loading/reading compressed data.

It is working fine. I am facing some problems to use interrupt pin /IRQ in this mode.


1. When will ADV212 pulls /IRQ pin low? Is it when number of free word locations are equal to or more than threshold i.e 64 in my case?

2. Does the /IRQ pin goes high after I write 64 words to the FIFO?

3. Do I have to configure my interrupt pin as level sensitive or edge sensitive? If its edge sensitive then is it falling edge or rising edge? (I think its falling edge)

4. Once I get the interrupt, do I have to check EIRQFLG ( bit 1 ) status??



EIRQIE = 0x0402;    //Value loaded to

EIRQFLG = 0x400F;    //When bit 1 is set.

EIRQFLG = 0x400D;    //When bit 1 is not set.


BOOT = 0x008A;

BMODE = 0x000A;

MMODE = 0x000E;

FFTHRC = 0x00400000; //Code FIFO Threshold


My compression parameters are,


      VFORMAT = 0x01

      PREC =    0x00

      XFORMLEV = 0x05

      UNI = 0x03

      CBSIZE = 0x00

      WKERNEL = 0x00

      STALLPAR = 0x00

      ATTRTYPE = 0x00

      RCTYPE = 0x01

      RCVAL = 0x002710

      J2KPROG = 0x00

      PICFG = 0x01

      QFACT = 0x00

      COD_STYLE = 0x01


      PLL_HI = 0x08

      PLL_LO = 0x04


  Decompression parameters,


     VFORMAT = 0x01

      PREC = 0x00

      UNI = 0x03

      PICFG = 0x11

      QFACT = 0x00

      COD_STYLE = 0x01


  MCLK and VCLK = 27MHz.



Kindly reply ASAP