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Interfacing IR Receiver to SigmaDSP GPIO

Question asked by KKSL on Dec 16, 2014
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With nothing concrete coming from AD on adding the IR library, I am opening this topic for discussion to all:

How best can we interface the IR receiver (with or without a de-modulator) using the existing library resources?


In the simplest case, let us take only three commands: Vol+, Vol- and MUTE. To make it further simple, let us assume that we previously know the incoming codes for these three commands.

Can we then interface an IR receiver with de-modulator (that will filter out the carrier) to a GPIO line configured as digital input and connect this to three state-machines where the incoming signal will be compares against a stored (pre-programmed) value to do a Vol+, Vol- or MUTE?

Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!