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BF537- SDRAM signal integrity problem

Question asked by ali on Oct 27, 2010
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We had our new design based on bf537 stamp design. We tried to make sure that our board is in compliance with all the check-lists and designer notes.

We also performed the IBIS modeling and simulation to verify that all signals pass the required timings and over-shoot undershoots etc.


The results with SDRAM were all ok with 50 ohm termination in series to the Data pins (SDRAM side), 50 Ohms in series on clk_out (SDRAM side).

But when the boards came out of fab and we tested them. I could see the data bus waveforms were clean enough but the data signals (pulses) occasionally would wave up a certain offset and then back to 0 offset. So i though maybe its because of reflections that the signal adds up to the reflected signal and attains a certain offset. Hence the RAMs didnt work even at lowered bus speeds.


On this assumption i removed the terminations, and the signals were all good and  RAMs started working at full speed.


What could have gone wrong ? or there is always a chance of error even after IBIS modeling. We made sure that our track impedences are 50 ohms.


kindly point me to IBIS modeling tutorial so i can verify that i didnt miss anything in that phase.