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Few questions about the ADA1701 SigmaDSP

Question asked by futura2012 on Dec 15, 2014
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Hello board


I was just had a few questions about the ADAU1701.


I am wanting to design a loudspeaker management processor. In essence full range audio in and crossover control out so split frequency outputs with equalisation, delay, limiting etc on the outputs.


I want it to be a budget design with limited front panel functionality but more focus on software and external PC control.


Questions are:


(1) Firstly do you think this is a realistic goal with this chip or any other chip in this range more suitable?


(2) Is it possible to control the ADAU1701 externally using USB or RS232 from a PC?  mainly it would be USB as majority of laptops etc now have no RS232 but in this application some people still like rs232.  When i say control externally i dont mean program the dsp then once programmed axe the computer connection and thats the end of it but i mean the end user is able to connect a PC and continue to modify and change the DSP settings? in his application say at a nightclub one can sit in the dj booth and if necessary via a laptop / pc adjust volumes, EQ etc.


(3) Following on from this question would it be a realistic goal to customise some kind of control software to address the unit I am wanting to design? from what I can make out this seems possible using elements of DOT NET but its hard to make out. I am assuming the SigmaStudio Program is not opensource? or is it? if so what is its code platform?  I personally like VB but of course if this chip does what I want i am happy to learn what ever.


(4) The chip in the datasheet is specified as having x2 ADC in and x4 DAC out. I think i am also seeing 8 digital in and 8 digital out. Would it be a fair assumption to assume with some development one could add your own ADCs and DACs making something more in tune with 8 analog in and 8 analog out.  OR do you think it would be cheaper and easier to some how implement x1 master and x1 slave ADAU1701 to achieve this goal?


(5) Please can you confirm if it would be possible to have say a 2 in (full range analogue) and 4 out analogue with independent Filter (XOVER), delay, graphic equalizer (FILTER), limiting / compression all within the DSP controlled via an external PC connection?


I really appreciate your time answering these questions like with all these projects one has to be slightly cautious not to go too heavily wading in with EVAL boards, samples, time invested etc before establishing this chip is hopefully going to do what I need.


many thanks



One other thing anyone have a link of where to get Sigma Studio I tried the link on the AD site and it just blanks out onto the login page.  If I login I just see a blank screen.  i tried it on 3 browsers all the same issue.