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ADE7878 HSDC samples

Question asked by eukeni on Dec 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2015 by hhelib


I have configured it to acquire samples from ADE7878 using HSDC port. We have developed our own RMS and phase calculus with these samples. The current sensors are rogowski sensors.

The phase calibration settings (APHCAL, BPHCAL,CPHCAL)are 0, but we have detected a 5,4º phase shift (plus 90º) between the phase voltage angles and the current angles with the integrator disconnected and if we connect the integrator the phase shift is 10,8º between the current angles and the voltage angles. It looks as if the current samples are time shifted. I can understand the phase shift due to the integrator but when the integrator is disconnected  i do not know why a phase shift exists between current and voltages.Are we doing something wrong when we acquire the samples?



Thanks in advance.