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ADIS16209 ADIS16210- clarifications needed

Question asked by FreddyS on Dec 15, 2014
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Dear Supporter

need some clarifications regarding ADIS16209 and ADIS16210:


"Both units ADIS16209  and ADIS 16210 state something which they call "Relative Accuracy" of +/- 0.1 deg.

It is not clear what that means: accuracy relative to what? I guess this brings us back to the readout repeatability…


Is it correct to assume both units have the same accuracy? This looks a bit strange since ADIS16210 is three time more expensive…


Also it is not clear if the units are internally temperature compensated or some sort of temperature correction should be introduced in our software? If yes – what is the correction formula?


There is some wording in ADIS16210 saying that "it does not require any initialization procedure".


Does the ADIS16209 require an initialization procedure? What is it?

The ADIS16210 data sheet states that it's "…MEMS sensor elements are bound to an aluminum core for tight platform coupling and excellent mechanical stability" Is this not the case for ADIS16209? What data sheet parameter indicates on this structural difference between the two? "