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ADuM3223/4223 Fundamental Questions on operations

Question asked by usaghi on Dec 14, 2014
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Please let me ask following basic questions/confirmations in regards to ADuM3223/4223.


Q1) Datasheet mention to VDD2 for explaining UVLO, however we could not find any description what is VDD2.

I'm assuming the word is indicating VDDA or VDDB or both of them, but please confirm.


Q2) Is it posible to supply different voltage level into VDDA and VDDB ?

I'm assuming it can, since two output seems to be separated.


Q3) If yes on Q2, for exmple VDDA=9V and VDDB=12V, what voltage/supply the word VDD2( on above Q1 ) has to be indicating ? 


Q4) It may be related to previous questions, two output of VOA and VOB can be operated separately ?

It means driving two separate FET and operating independently. Please confirm.


Q5) If VOA and VOB is separated, is it possible to operate only one side ?

If yes, how do we deal with pins(VDDx, VOx, GNDx) on unused side ?  


Sorry to ask these fundamentals, and thank you very much for your support as usual.


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