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Forwarding encrypted HDMI video without HDCP keys

Question asked by VB-WNV on Dec 15, 2014
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We plan using ADV7604 to capture HDMI video without HDCP keys. We would receive the RGB data using an FPGA and store it to memory. In some cases the same RGB data would also be transmitted by the FPGA using ADV7511. This should work as long as the source HDMI video signal is not protected and does not require HDCP keys.

In case the source is protected, the HDMI sender would have to encrypt the signal. It is absolutely clear, that in this case we would not be able to decrypt the signal as we do not have HDCP keys. However, would it somehow be possible to receive and transmit this encrypted signal through ADV7604/ADV7511 so that an HDCP approved display could receive and render it?

It is clear that the HDMI sender needs somehow get informed about the HDCP applowed device at the end of the chain using DDC.

I wonder if all this is somehow possible using ADV7604/ADV7511 devices.