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ADV212 Normal Host Mode -- Ack

Question asked by GB1471 on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by DaveD

Is there a description of ACK behavior during normal host mode that is better than what I find on page 6-7 of the ADV212 datasheet (rev0)?


For the write operation, the Ack appears to be released during the data valid time, but there is no timing correlation from the rising edge of the ack to anything in that timing diagram.  Can we use the rising edge of the ack as an indicator that the ADV212 has accepted the data?


For the read operation, we have the same problem.  The Tack and TDRD are spec'd with the same min and max, but again there is no correlation from the rising edge of the ack to when we need to hold the data.



Is the behavior of ack specified in more detail in another document?  I can only assume from the name that the intent of the ack is to use it to know when we can sample rd-data or stop driving wr-data, but the actual details in the datasheet do not seem to bear that out.