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JPEG2000 decompression using ADV212

Question asked by sunil@Accord on Dec 11, 2014
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I am able to compress Input PAL video from ADV7182 in ADV212. (If I removed the ADV212 header and extract frames the frames are fine when viewed using kdu image viewer).

I am facing problem in decompressing the video. At decompression end I am using ADV7391 for converting pixel data from ADV212 to analog video.

I am using 32bit normal host mode.

My compression parameters are,


     VFORMAT = 0x01

     PREC =    0x00

     XFORMLEV = 0x05

     UNI = 0x03

     CBSIZE = 0x00

     WKERNEL = 0x00

     STALLPAR = 0x00

     ATTRTYPE = 0x00

     RCTYPE = 0x01

     RCVAL = 0x002710

     J2KPROG = 0x00

     PICFG = 0x01

     QFACT = 0x00

     COD_STYLE = 0x01


     PLL_HI = 0x08

     PLL_LO = 0x04


Decompression parameters,

     VFORMAT = 0x01

     PREC = 0x00

     UNI = 0x03

     PICFG = 0x11

     QFACT = 0x00

     COD_STYLE = 0x01


MCLK and VCLK = 27MHz.



     1)  I have attached a snapshot of compressed video(viewed in kdu viewer), and decompressed video played using monitor.


     2) The I2c registers I am writing for ADV7391 are

         0x54    0x17

         0x54    0x00

         0x54    0x01

         0x54    0x80

         0x54    0x82


         0x54    0x8C

         0x54    0x8D

         0x54    0x8E

         0x54    0x8F


      3) I am just polling EIRQFLG bit 1 for writing data to CODEFIFO.


Can anyone tell where am I going wrong, Its bit urgent. Expecting reply ASAP.