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ADAU1701 with I2S slave in, I2S master out?

Question asked by Tshen2 on Dec 11, 2014
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Hi all,

I have been using the ADAU1701 with a reasonable amount of success, but I just ran into a snag..


I have already managed to get the ADAU1701 to output (as I2S master) to an external DAC. However, I also want it to receive data from an external ADC (as I2S slave).


Or in other words, I want to get these things working simultaneously:

ADAU1701 as I2S input slave, receiving data from ADC

ADAU1701 as I2S output master, sending data to DAC

Is it possible to do this, i.e. have the ADAU1701 be a slave for the input and a master for the output? Or will I need it to be slave for both input and output?

Extra details:

- everything is running off of the same master clock.

- the digital input signals have to travel through ~2cm of wire - could asymmetrical delay in the wires cause this problem?

- [input Lrclk_in, input Bclk_in] and [In Lrclk_out, In Bclk_out] are not connected together on the PCB.

I have been playing with this for awhile now - it works when there is no serial input data, but as soon as the serial input data starts, the whole processor locks up. I've attached a screenshot of my hardware diagram.

Thanks a lot