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ADAS3023 undocumented behavior

Question asked by NeuralSwarm on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by KarenNE

Hello EZ,


We have successfully managed to get the ADAS3023 to work as described by the timing in the datasheet; however there are some observations and undocumented behavior that we would like ADI to address:


(1) We have observed that in our system and seemingly the evaluation system, it is required for the conversion strobe to pulse while PD is high in order for the Power Down (PD) to actually occur.  Is this confirmed behavior?


(2) When we changed our firmware to set the Reserved bits in the configuration word from low to high, our system finally start to show expected behavior.  Are the Reserved bits required to be high?  I know the data sheets says that they are don't cares.  One firmware revision sets them to low: ADAS3023 spits out garbage, other firmware sets them high: ADAS3023 demonstrates expected behavior.


(3) Is the RESET pulse truly asynchronous to the conversion strobe?  It appears that if the conversion strobe occurs while RESET is high, then the chip goes into an undefined state that requires a power down/power up/reset sequence in order to recover.