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Readback cell format and value appear /10 out?

Question asked by Brettcoupe on Oct 26, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2010 by BrettG


I am using a readback cell attached to a  peak env detector


and using the 

dB_value = 96.32959861 * ((readback_value / 2^19) - 1)


My cell is set to output 5.19 format. if I am reading by control port can you set the format? or is it fixed on the 1940 ic


I am seeing that the result db_Value is divide by 10 what at real measure level is

So 0dbfs outputs 0 ok

but -10dbfs outputs -96 limit of resolution

Hence -0.1dbfs outputs -1.


Question 1. The value readback, Is that the raw readback register values Or is it some linear representation of it as a float 5.19?