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RGB range limit between ADV7511 and ADV7604

Question asked by VB-WNV on Dec 10, 2014
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I'm using the ADV7511 to send 30-bit RGB data in the format of 1080p60. This works well and when connecting to an HDMI monitor the picture seems to be displayed right.

Capturing the HDMI signal using the ADV7604 also works good except that the RGB data range is limited.

For a 30-bit RGB signal I would expect that it would be possible to transmit three times a 10-bit signal in the range of 0x000 - 0x3FF.

In my case the 10-bit signal is limited to 0x004 - 0x3FB. Until now I could not find a reason for this. I also do not know if it is the ADV7511 or the ADV7604 that is enforcing the this limitation.

I'm sending 10-bit data in the range 0x000 - 0x3FF to ADV7511 and receive the 10-bit data from ADV7604 clipped to 0x004 - 0x3FB.


Can someone tell me what could cause that and how I could get rid of this limitation?